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Sh. Sushil Kumar, Principal


Greeting and Heartiest welcome to the rural milieu college Baba Fateh Singh Ji Govt. College, Assandh at village Jai Singh Pura. The basic purpose of the education, especially the higher education, is not merely dissemination of academic knowledge but the all-round growth and development of the students. The society and the nation require a new generation with sound character, good health, high competence and vibrant skills. This college started by the Higher Education Department, Govt. of Haryana on 14.07.2014 in a rural environment is continuously and wearilessly striving to achieve the objectives. The college is tirelessly moving towards dispersion of quality education, polishing the multi facet personality of the students and meta-morphing them into valuable human resource. The college is refining the qualities of critical analysis, creativity and leadership among the students. Let’s join hands to move towards this consecrate goal. Jai Hind ! Jai Bharat !