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Sh. Rohtash, Officiating Principal


Our country is famous for highest principles of human excellence, based upon truth, respect, non-violence, humility, civility and nobility. Our national moto : Satyameva Jayate i.e. ‘Truth alone emerges victorious’ from Mundaka Upanishad, imbues the nation with indomitable strength of truthfulness. Ironically, today we see this great society has steeped in moral crises. Under these circumstances, education seems to be the only way out, as education is an essential tool or means for human advancement which may perhaps be defined as empowerment of an individual’s mind and intellect duly informed, inspired and guided to take life with enthusiasm, increased efficiency and excellence. It is also the path for elevating consciousness, basically to enthuse an individual for growing intellectually and emotionally. In view of the same we put all our efforts to develop this institution as an instrument for human advancement in real sense of terms.